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Zinc alloy component analysis

Zinc’s high stregth and hardness is the ideal alternative to machined, presses, stamped and fabricated components. The zinc alloy shows outstanding ability. In general, the tooling life of zinc alloy at least 10 times longer than aluminum die cast tooling. In addition, the tooling expenses is also cheaper.

Mold design

design → mold made → testing → sample con → confirmed production

Die casting

raw materials → fusion → die casting → cooling → forming → take out → burr cut → stamping → quality control

Computer Numerical Control/drill

To drill or CNC for all kinds of products and to inspect

The process of vibrating and polishing

To vibrate or polish for all kinds of products and to inspect

Surface treatment processing

The surface treatment process, such as electroplating, painting, or electro-coating for all kinds of products

Assembly and delivery

To make up the products and check for packaging and shipping

Zinc alloy die casting is a highly efficient, precise and reliable manufacturing technology that is often used to produce large quantities of complex zinc alloy parts. Here are some basics of zinc alloy die casting:

1.Material selection:
The materials commonly used for zinc alloy die casting include Zamak, Zinc-aluminum alloy and Zincmagnesium alloy. These materials have different properties and application scenarios, so the purpose and requirements of the parts need to be considered when selecting materials.
Guangtai Die Casting has been strictly controlling the quality of raw materials for many years, and has found the most competitive quality and solution through years of experience!
2.Mold design:
The design of the mold directly affects the quality and cost of zinc alloy die casting. The mold should be designed to be easy to manufacture and easy to disassemble and replace. At the same time, the mold should also have sufficient strength and accuracy to ensure the size and surface quality of the parts.
Guangtai Die Casting not only selects raw materials carefully, but also has many years of design experience, helping customers solve the obstacles encountered by products, and further improve product process efficiency!
3.Die casting process:
Zinc alloy die casting is a high-speed, high-pressure manufacturing process. During the die casting process, the speed and pressure of the die casting machine need to be controlled to ensure the size and quality of the parts. At the same time, the cooling time and temperature of the die casting machine also need to be controlled to prevent deformation or porosity of the parts.
Guangtai's stable and growing business is based on its requirements for product quality and technology. Therefore, since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, continuous innovation, sustainable management".
4.Surface treatment:
The surface of zinc alloy die castings usually needs some treatment to improve its surface quality and corrosion resistance. Common surface treatment methods include electroplating, painting, powder coating, etc.
Our company is a professional zinc alloy die casting manufacturer, from mold design, precision die casting, CNC machining, drilling and tapping, automatic arm precision polishing, surface treatment, spare parts OEM assembly.
Efficiently integrate every process and reduce production costs.
5.Cost and benefit:
Zinc alloy die casting is usually used to produce large quantities of parts, because its production cost is usually better than other manufacturing methods. However, it should be noted that zinc alloy die casting has a threshold for initial investment and mold costs, so it needs to consider long-term benefits.

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