Process Description Perfect & complete operation procedure
Improve Product Quality

Zinc alloy component analysis

Zinc’s high stregth and hardness is the ideal alternative to machined, presses, stamped and fabricated components. The zinc alloy shows outstanding ability. In general, the tooling life of zinc alloy at least 10 times longer than aluminum die cast tooling. In addition, the tooling expenses is also cheaper.

Mold design

design → mold made → testing → sample con → confirmed production

Die casting

raw materials → fusion → die casting → cooling → forming → take out → burr cut → stamping → quality control

Computer Numerical Control/drill

To drill or CNC for all kinds of products and to inspect

The process of vibrating and polishing

To vibrate or polish for all kinds of products and to inspect

Surface treatment processing

The surface treatment process, such as electroplating, painting, or electro-coating for all kinds of products

Assembly and delivery

To make up the products and check for packaging and shipping

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